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Home Inspection Services Near Oakdale, MN

Why Get a Home Inspection?

There are many reasons to get an inspection done to your home. The four main reasons you should get an inspection are:

  • You are selling your home, and want to know of any issues before it comes up on a buyer’s inspection.
  • You are buying a home, and want to be confident there are no issues that you aren’t aware of.
  • You suspect your home has issues but aren’t sure what they may be.
  • You know your home has issues, but want to know the root cause or extent of the issues.

Knowing that a professional inspected all aspects of your home, and was able to answer any questions you may have had regarding your home’s condition, provides you with peace of mind. Preferred Home Inspections is that professional.

Inspection Services & Home Testing We Provide:

Pre-List Home Inspections
For those that are planning on, or already have, put there home on the market.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections
For home buyers that want a professional to give them confidence in their purchase.

Mold Inspections / Testing
For home owners who feel they may have a mold issue because of dampness, a musty smell, or family members that are constantly ill. Or for homes that have obvious signs of mold, that need to be tested for what type of mold it is.

Radon Testing
For home owners that want to have their homes tested for dangerous Radon gases. (Recommended to be tested every two years by the EPA)

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