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Pre-List Home Inspection Woodbury, MN

There are many reasons to have a Pre-List Home Inspection performed on your house, and with the market slump, it makes more sense than ever. In today’s “buyers market” it’s more important than ever to have an unbiased eye inspect the structural and mechanical systems of your home before putting it on the market…your home seems perfect. After all, you have been living there and haven’t had any problems. However, to the buyer it’s just another of the dozens of homes on the market.

Why Have a Pre-List Home Inspection

It shows the potential buyer that you have exercised due diligence in offering a home for sale that has had an independent, unbiased review and report on a home’s systems, components and their condition. It says: “I have nothing to hide.”

You’ve had your home on the market for months, and finally you get an offer that sounds right. You go through the negotiations and set up a closing date and you just want the whole thing to be over…. But the buyer’s inspector finds a structural, electrical, or mechanical problem. Like most problems it can be corrected inexpensively but have you ever tried to get a reputable contractor to do a job in the next few days? This problem could have been found during a Pre-Listing Inspection and corrected. Your buyer may even forgo their own inspection and further speed the closing process.

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